Casa Valeriu

A social project dedicated to oncology patients and their family members


If I hadn’t experienced the situation, the story would probably have remained unwritten.

But here I am today, exactly 5 months since my brother called me at 02:45 in the morning and said: ”Come to Botanica, dad has passed away”…

After nearly 2 years of battling kidney cancer, our father passed away. He desperately wanted to live on – at 67 years old, a former police colonel, a war veteran, a towering figure of principle in everything, he had to resign himself to leaving.

If I hadn’t walked alongside him on this road called cancer, ”Casa Valeriu” probably wouldn’t exist today. But I went through it all, endured all the pain, all the turmoil, and all the frustration that we couldn’t change the course of the disease, not even be angry at death. My father had to die – my soulmate, my source of dreams, the epitome of a good example in everything, for ”Casa Valeriu” – the First Space in the Republic of Moldova dedicated to cancer patients and their families – to emerge today.

Created in just 3 months, with much dedication and care for people and in memory of a man who molded me, educated me, and allowed me to gather together the hopes, dreams, and hope, love, and gratitude of the cancer battle victors.

Doina Cernavca,
Executive Director of “Ajută un Om”

October 26, 2023

Casa Valeriu

“Casa Valeriu” is indeed a house, rented by the public association “Ajută un Om”, which was transformed into a space dedicated to oncology patients and their families for a period of 3 months. It is a social project, not medical.

We rely heavily on the entire local community, as well as kind-hearted people from the diaspora, who will donate regularly for the maintenance of the headquarters, as well as for providing necessary services to the beneficiaries (accommodation, hot meals, essential hygiene products, oncopsychological support, occupational therapy).

We provide both accommodation space and facilities for daily social activities to those in need.

We have 4 bedrooms and 11 beds, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, 3 balconies, a private counseling room, a play area for children, and a bright living room. A small and secluded courtyard, perfect for warm summer evenings spent together. A fully equipped kitchen is available for cooking, and the food supplies in the pantry, as well as the full refrigerator, ensure a fresh lunch and dinner every day.


At ”Casa Valeriu”, we offer free accommodation to individuals coming from outside Chișinău for oncological check-ups or treatments and need a place to stay.

Similarly, family members or relatives accompanying a person in need of oncological check-ups or treatment at one of the medical institutions in Chișinău also benefit from free accommodation if they come from outside the city.

During the State of Emergency in the Republic of Moldova, Ukrainian refugees also benefit from the services of ”Casa Valeriu”.

For this, it is mandatory to present a document issued by the medical institution where the oncological diagnosis or treatment takes place (a document clearly stating the oncological diagnosis, the period of investigation and/or treatment, and the hospital where the medical procedure takes place). For relatives, the same documents proving that they accompany an oncology patient for treatment are required.

Rules for benefiting from free accommodation:


It is mandatory to call us in advance and book the accommodation period. If we have available rooms, we confirm the reservation via email or Viber message. In case we do not have available beds, we will add you to the waiting list, and when beds become available, we will contact you.


"Casa Valeriu" is not a hotel; therefore, we do not have a reception, and guests cannot come and go at any time. The administration is present from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00. Only during this time can guests arrive or depart by handing over the living space to the administration.


Please make sure to reserve a bed beforehand before coming. Do not forget to bring identification documents and documents proving the oncological diagnosis. All guests staying with us must have identification documents.


All guests staying with us will sign a contract and an acknowledgment stating that they are aware of the house rules and will provide all necessary information if needed.


Accommodation and lunch services are provided completely free of charge to all guests. From Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00, any person with an oncological diagnosis or their relatives can use the living area of the house to relax, for meetings and discussions with other diagnosed individuals, or to work online from the equipped technical table (laptop, printer). Similarly, everyone in the house can participate for free in any daily activities held in the house.

Daily Activities at "Casa Valeriu"

For a more enjoyable stay, we have designed a series of activities for the house beneficiaries. Similarly, if you live in Chișinău and have a need, you can participate for free in all Day Activities. Periodically, supported by specialists and volunteers, we offer:


Support Group

for Individuals with
Oncological Diagnosis




Art Therapy






Cooking and Eating

Workshops :)

Our Address

“Casa Valeriu” is located in Chișinău, Centru sector, Bulgară Street, No. 25 (intersection with Alexei Șciusev Street).

To contact us by phone and reserve a bed: 069467222 (phone or Viber).

Our email address:

How You Can Help and Donate

Whether you are an individual or a legal entity, you can be of great help to us. Because “Casa Valeriu” is a community project and we do not have partners, sponsors, or donors who would cover all expenses, we constantly need sources to be able to exist.

We thank you for reading these lines and wanting to be part of this story in which we multiply kindness and help people move forward. What we do together is very important, but even more important is to spread the message to as many people as possible, so that we can all succeed and provide timely support!


Online donations via PayPal and/or Patreon (coming soon)

The power of good people is immense! Every little bit counts, and together we will succeed!

Redirect 2%

There’s an annual opportunity to accumulate resources when you file your tax return. Just check the box to donate 2% to the public association “Ajută un Om,” fiscal code 1018620004220.

Volunteer Hours

At “Casa Valeriu”, all daily activities will be guided by volunteer specialists. Someone has volunteered to conduct flower workshops, another person book reading circles, and another kind soul will moderate the survivors’ club. If you can donate your time as a specialist in a particular field or have a creative hobby, write to us and let’s spend time together providing beneficiaries with new emotions and memories!

Legal Entities


For the existence of the social project “Casa Valeriu”, we need monthly financial resources. Any legal entity can donate money to cover expenses, ensuring that you are supporting a highly necessary and beneficial social cause for a large number of people in their greatest time of need – the need to win a battle.

Team Volunteering

From cooking workshops, English lessons, general cleaning, to outings with the beneficiaries – all can take place at “Casa Valeriu”. Just call us or send us an email: 069467222 (phone or Viber),

Adopt a Room

This is a comprehensive project for companies that will adopt a room for one year, thus supporting all the people who will be staying in that room for a year.